Poker After Dark

Poker After Dark is one of the newer poker shows. It airs at NBC and as you could guess from the name of show usually late in night. The show has been on air since the beginning of 2007. For each episode there is 6 players who are playing poker for real money. There is 2 types of games, the most common one is a Sit N Go tournament where every player has made $20,000 buyin and the winner walks away with $120,000.

Sometimes they also play highstakes cash game in tournament, in case of cash games its not rare to see some people winning or losing hundreds of thousands. Poker After Dark is also known for having a beautiful woman as the interviewer. So far the interviewers have been Shana Hiatt ( from World Poker Tour) Marianela Pereyra and Leeann Tweeden.

Ali Nejad is the commentator.