Face The Ace

Face The Ace is a brand new poker TV-show. And at least in our opinion it is the coolest and most interesting poker show. It brings together headsup poker and the normal game shows.

In the competition an amateur is given a chance to “ face the ace” i.e play against a very good poker pro.

The way it works is that at first the amateur faces one pro and if he beats the pro he is given the chance to either take the moneys and leave or face the next pro. The thing however is that if he loses to the pro he gets nothing. And to make it more interesting he doesn’t known before hand which pro he is going: he has to pick one of three doors and behind each door is a different poker pro waiting to play the amateur.

As the amateur is obviously an underdog against the seasoned poker pros he has much more to win than to lose by playing against the poker pro. For an example at one stage the amateur can either take $40,000 and go home or pick a door and play against a pro, now if he beats this pro in headsup no limit holdem he wins $200,000 which he can either keep or face still more pros.

If the pro wins the match he donates the money to charity.

The show airs on NBC. You can already find the first episode online from the NBC’s home page. The first episode features for an example Howard Lederer who is playing against 41 year old truck driver.