Poker TV shows

Playing poker is lot of fun, but so is watching it from TV! After the poker boom began in 2003 the TV Channels noticed they had a great market for having poker shows on TV and to cater this need many channels launched their own poker show and still new shows keep coming every year, most of these shows feature well known poker pros competing against each other for hundreds of thousands, and maybe the coolest feature is that viewers can see the cards each player has.

Below you find reviews of the best poker shows on TV at the moment. We will keep updating this list frequently. Our goal is to have a up-to-date list of the best poker TV shows you can find anywhere on the planet.

High Stakes Poker in this poker show worlds best pros compete against each other in real money cash games.

Poker After Dark pokershow featuring mostly $20,000 Sit N Go tournaments.

World Poker Tour this is without a doubt the most poker TV-show and have made lot of players world wide celebrities hosted by great poker player Mike Sexton and actor Vince Van Patten.

I Bet You this not actually poker tv-show however it is a gambling show hosted by famous poker players Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari that often features poker.

Poker Million this is a long running poker tv-show that is extremely popular especially in United Kingdom.

NBC Heads-up championship as the name says this televised poker tournament is all about headsup poker.

Face The Ace – Poker show where a contender gets to battle it out with a poker professional.

Can you learn how to play poker from tv?

As said above it is without a doub lot of fun to watch poker games on TV, but one might ask if you can actually learn to play poker simply by watching it. In our opinion the answer is yes and no. You can surely pick up the basics and of texas holdem poker quite quickly as the announcers do good job in explaining the rules of the famous card game, and you can also get nice tips from both the announcers and by watching how the famous poker players are playing their cards. However something to keep in mind is that the shows are heavilly edited, by this we mean that they mostly just show on air the hands that are interesting, so simply by watching poker on TV you might the get impression that everyone is playing lot of hands, when in reality to play good poker you must also learn how to fold.