Ways to Conceal the Strength of Monster Hand in Online Poker

In poker you practically always want people to assume that you have the exact opposite type hand than you have in reality. For an example if you are holding pocket aces before the flop and went all in for all your chips you want them to assume that you are going all in with trash (yes, even though this means that they will call you with some really mediocre hands that might end up bad beating you). On the hand if you are bluffing on river with absolutely nothing you want your opponents to assume that you are holding an extremely strong hand so that they let their hands go.

Following this thought process poker players often end up wondering what is the best way to hide the real strength of your hand when you are holding a monster hand, and maximize the chance of getting the most out value out of that said monster hand.
So in this poker article we will reveal 5 different strategy tips for doing exactly that, these tips are aimed especially for the low stakes no limit texas holdem poker games, but the odds are that they are also helpful in some other poker games. So here we go.

5 Poker strategy tips for hiding the strength of your monster hand in online poker

1: Playing it like a draw on flop. This is by far my favourite way for tricking people to think that you are holding entirely other type of hand than you really do. Let’s say that the flop comes T84 with two hearts and you are holding pocket TT for top trips and nuts at this point. Often people might be making a small raise / bet in this pot hoping that the opponent calls with their pair or better. But in my opinion this entirely wrong strategy. And here is why: the flop has type draws, flush and straight. So there are lot of cards that can kill your action on turn and make your opponent fold their hand when you show any type of strength. So instead on this type flop I like to play my set extremely strongly and make them think that you are holding either that flush draw or straight draw, this way they may end up making a really bad call with something like QT that has extremely small chances at beating your hand.

2: Slow playing your hand. This is the classic, and often over-used and used in wrong places by people. Ideally you only want to slow play when you can’t lose the hand but the cards to come are likely to improve your opponent’s hand to such that they will end up giving you lot more action than they would at this point of the hand.

3: Only smooth-calling a raise with pocket aces before the flop. This is certainly a risk one, and best used when there either the raiser is super aggressive player who can’t put you on pocket aces or there is at least one very aggressive player to act after you before the flop and who simply can’t resist the temptation to go “over the top” after your call.

4: Hitting your hidden draw on turn – and waiting till the river to show real aggression, when your opponent has a reason to suspect that you are bluffing. A situation like this arises often when you hit well hidden draw on turn and on river the “likely” draws miss, and thus your opponent thinks that you missed your draws and is happy to let your “bluff”.

5: Making your opponents believe that you are a maniac – when in reality you are the opposite of it. This is more of a poker image tip than a tip for specific type situation, but naturally if you are somehow able to convince your opponents that you are a crazy maniac poker player when in reality you are tight / solid player, you should end up making loads of money.