The Longest Journey Begins with a Single Step

It was Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu who is credited with the expression “The Longest Journey Begins with a Single Step” around 500 BC, and two and a half millennia later PokerStars launched its “Steps” qualification series – allowing players to qualify for some of the biggest live tournaments in the world for a very small investment.

Unlike many other qualification series, the PokerStars Steps program is ongoing. It enables players to get started on level one Sit ´n´ Go Single table tournaments for just $7.50 or buy-in for 500 Frequent Player Points (FPPs). There are also “Steps Specials” which are turbo multi table poker tournaments costing 3FPPs and 60 FPPs respectively which can elevate you immediately onto Step 2.

You need not start at the bottom of the ladder if you want to scale the heights quicker. Step 2 ($27.00) and Step 3 ($82.00) can both by bought into directly, and once you have made it to Step 4 you have the option of exchanging your lofty status for an entry into one of the PokerStars headline tournaments or continue climbing until you reach the peak at Step 6.

The Steps program is not all “win-or-nothing”. Once you get to level 2 SnGs you will normally find there is a payout structure promoting the top two finishers to the next level, third and fourth placed finishers can enter another level 2 tournament and the fifth placed player is demoted back into level 1. Versions of the same structure continue through the steps until level 6, where you are playing for a complete package to the event of your choice.

The great thing about the Steps program is that you can choose which tournament you wish to aim for without committing to a qualification process with a single target. The program of Sit ´n´ Go Single Table Tournaments is far less laborious than sitting through hours of MTTs to get eliminated on the bubble and you can also jump ship at level 4 into the Sunday Million or a similar high-profile tournament if you are finding it difficult to get any higher

Check out the “Steps” options which are most suitable for you by visiting the PokerStars lobby and going to Sit & Go >> Satellite >> Steps.

News for players with Euro Accounts – PokerStars have also launched a “Steps” program for players who keep their accounts in Euros. The steps run A to G rather than 1 to 6 (so there is actually one more step to climb from the bottom) with Step A having a buy-in of just €2.00 + €0.20.