Secrets Poker Pros Dont Want You to Know

Dozens of poker pros have written books and made DVD’s that promise to teach super winning techniques, however the matter of the fact is that… frankly majority of what they say is absolute bullshit. Sometimes it is hard to tell if they are intentionally giving bad advice or if they are simply out of their mind. Yeah sure saying that you shouldn’t raise 72o pre flop is true but it is not like any with half a brain didn’t know that already. In this article we will reveal you some of the true secrets that poker pros don’t want you to know. These are not specific strategy advices or ways to play certain hands, instead they are things that will most certainly improve your results in poker and end up making you more money (or if you play for fun you will lose your deposits at a slower pace).

Top three secrets poker pros dont want average poker players to know:

1) Rakeback

When you play online poker you end up paying shitloads of money in rake. In case you didn’t know it is the small amount the poker room takes from every hand that goes to flop or beyond, it might seems like nothing when they take a 10cents or $3 per hand from the pot but the fact is that the rake you pay adds up very quickly and does a serious dent in your poker winnings and bankroll. In fact we know some players who pay over $10,000 in rake every single month. The good thing is you can get part of that amount back. You did it by getting a rakeback deal. The rakeback deal is something that returns you big part of the rake you pay, so it is in a sense a discount card or a cashback deal. From now on when you are playing poker on the internet your should always do it with a rakeback deal. You might wonder why poker pros don’t want you to know about rakeback, the answer is that they are afraid that you will improve too much as a poker player if you find out about rakeback and can increase your bankroll with it. Because we are feeling extremely nice we will even reveal you how to get a rakeback deal. Simply open an account at NoiQpoker with the signup code EuroPokerPro (yes, shameless plug!) and you will be getting 30% of all the rake you pay returned to you. Open NoiQpoker account and get a 30% rakeback.

2) Poker coaching videos

Even though 99% of the poker books are and DVD’s are either complete shit or outdated there is one good resource for the online poker players who are looking to improve their game and win loads of money from online poker. It is the poker coaching video sites ran by the professional online poker players. There are obviously huge differences between the poker video coaching sites but one we can recommend is BlueFirePoker their instructions are some of the biggest online poker winners and on the videos they show how they win money playing poker. When you can see how the pros play certain hands it will obviously improve your game and you can get loads of ideas from the videos for your own game.

3) Live poker tells are overrated

Poker pros love to tell you about how they can tell what hand their opponent is holding simply by looking at them. This is absolute bullshit. Live poker tells are one of the most overrated things in the history of poker. For an example if you are going to play a big live poker tournaments and happen to get a seat in the same table as some famous poker pros you can be almost certain that he cant get any kind of reliable reads about the way you act during the hand. Only exception to the rule is the possibility that you start talking during the hand. The pros can occasionally pick up things based on what you say, but there is no way they can make reliable reads based on how you are holding your hands for an example.

There are two reasons why the pros act like the tells are important. First of all it is extremely easy to write about them you can write things like “if his hands are shaking he is bluffing” no one will try to prove that incorrect and inexperienced players will buy the information. The second reason is that when you are focusing on the worthless tells you are less likely to focus on playing your optimal poker game.