Position is Power

Position is a term that refers to a players position in relation to the dealer button as it makes its way around the table in a clockwise motion with the end of each played hand signaling that it is to move onto the next player.

It is well known that having the power of position when playing poker offers the player with a great insight to how they are going to play their hand as well as how they are going to act.

An example of this would be that a player who was dealt on the dealer button, would be able to decide if they were going to play a hand dependent on the number of rival players who have shown an interest in participating in the hand.

If the players who act before this player all fold, the player would be able to play a hand that they would not normally play, alternatively they could show strength in the form of a bluff after seeing that there are only two other players who are still to act.

The term position is used to describe 4 playing positions at the table which all carry positives and negatives for players to play from them:

Small Blind

Playing from the small blind position can be seen to be the worst position to play from because it means that you have been forced to place a wager into the pot before the cards have even been dealt.

This can lead to a number of players playing hands that they would usually fold, costing them a percentage of their stack as they look to try to play the cards to protect their investment in the pot already.

Big Blind

Playing from this position means that you have already invested a bet that is equal to the level limits at the time, before the cards have even been dealt.

This can mean that you are left with a low strength hand but you have the same amount of chips in the pot as a player who has made the call with a hand such as ace – six.

Years of playing poker has lead any players to conclude that there are a mass of poker players who tend to want to protect their blind and so become more willing to call a raise that has been made in order to project a show of strength, regardless of the real strength of the hand.

Under the Gun

A term that refers to the player who is first to act in the hand. This has to be the worst hand that a player can have when it comes to trying to play a position game.

The reason for this is that this player is the first to declare their strength of their hand through the use of their chips before they can obtain information from other players as to whether their hands carry any value.

This can mean that an early raise from this player could be re-raised by any of the players who are still to act after they have acted.

Common play from this position is to be very passive and tight with players look to simply limp into a hand should they have a hand that they want to represent at the flop.

On the Button

This is a name that is given to the player who is representing the dealer, known by the presence of a white chip that rotates around the table as the play and blinds move around the table.

This position is a great position to play from because it gives the player who is in this position the opportunity to obtain information on other players as the action makes its way around the table.

Information that can be taken from players is often shown in terms of their actions, if they fold then they are holding a small strength hand, if they call they are holding a hand that they feel can become a strong hand with the help of one or more cards on the community board or they could raise, showing that they are happy with the strength of their hand.