Poker Table Selection

If you are looking to become a winning poker player one of the most important sills you need to learn is how to use proper game selection. Because as they say: it doesn’t matter if you are the 10th best poker player in the world if the 9 other players in the table are better than you. One thing to note about these game selection tips is that they are aimed to the poker players who are looking to play poker profitable and don’t care if it takes some of the fun out of it. If you are the type of poker player who simply enjoys playing poker we suggest that you simply find a table with nice players to play with and avoid the tables which have the kind of annoying “table captain” type of players who keep bragging about how good they are in poker – or even worse abusing you.

Now it iss time to present you the top three game selection tips that will almost certainly boost your win rate when playing online poker.

1) Look for loose games

All the major poker sites such as LuckyAcePoker show in their lobby the average amount of player that go to the flop in that game. If the % is over 35 in 6max no limit, over 30 in 10 max no limit, over 35 in 6 max fixed limit holdem and over 25 in 10 max fixed limit holdem the game is a loose on. You will almost always find one or more players who are playing too many hands and taking them far in the games that have a higher than the above flop percentages. To scout this type of games simply check the poker room’s lobby from time to time and if you find a loose game on your level take a seat in it.

2) Leave the games when they get bad

The above advice should be very basic and easy to follow. Still we see lot of players repeating the mistake of staying in the poker game even after the bad players have left the table. What makes the matters even worse is that often when the player stays in the game he does it because he is stuck and too tilted to leave the game before he “gets even”.

3) If you are not feeling like playing don’t play

This tip is somewhat similar with the above one. If you are not feeling like you are playing your best game you shouldn’t sit down in a game even if it has several bad players. And if something happens that takes you off your a game when you are playing you should simply leave the table even if the bad players still have money in front of your.