Poker Strategy Against Fish

Just like in the real world also in the online poker world the fishes come in many shapes and forms. Thus giving one strategy that works against all type of fish poker players is simply impossible. What we will do instead is list three of the most common type fishes that you will meet when you are playing online poker and give you some strategy tips on how to play against all of them.

Strategy against fish who is passive but calls too much:

These are the type of fish players that you will come across by far the most often when you are playing online poker. And they are also by far the most profitable players to play against, though at the same time if you are running bad they cant really get on your nerves.

The basic idea when playing against them is really simple: bet only when you have a good hand, and when you have hand that you can assume to be better than theirs bet heavily. Don’t bother going for any type of elaborate check-raise bluffs and other fancy plays, these passive players will just take the free card and might end up outdrawing you.

When this time of players bet, and especially when they raise, you should immediately get alerted. They usually do that only with really good hands and thus in that situation you should be prepared to lay down even a rather good hand. This is unless you have a good reason to suspect that they don’t really understand the relatively hand strengths.

Strategy against fish who bluffs way too much:

Bluffing is big part of any good poker strategy, and thus the tips we are about to give are against the type of players who bluff way, way too often. Against them you should simply aim to trap them. Find a way to trap them in such a manner that they will end losing their whole stack to you the time that you are holding a premium hand. For an example some of these “maniacs” cant stand it when you lead out on them on the river after you have just check-called their flop and turn bets, and when you do lead out on that said river they will go allin with anything. When they do that, take the chips they are doing their best to give to you.

Strategy against fish who fold too much:

The strategy against this type of players should be really obvious, simply keep hammering them – unless you have a real reason to suspect that they have a premium hand or that they are really fed up with you. Both of those things happen less frequently than you might think and thus you can usually easily increase your stack against this type of players. In my experience the best place for stealing pots from this type of fishes is on the turn.