PLO Poker Advice – Crush Your Opponents!

PLO is the short for pot limit omaha which is one of the coolest poker games you can play. If you ever thought that texas holdem is a nice game but could use some more big pots, all ins and overall increased level of aggressiveness than PLO is the perfect game for you.

Maybe you have seen some of the biggest online poker players such as Isildur1, durrrr, OMGClayAiken or the Dang brother playing or maybe you have seen it on the ESPN World Series of Poker shows, but regardless of the fact that those guys are obviously amazing PLO poker players it might be hard to figure out if they actually have any type of strategy or are just praying to hit the nuts (which very often is the case in often). Well as weird it might sound I personally do believe there is some strategy in this game and thus let me represent you the:

Number one advice: Don’t be loose in the wrong places

With the above advice I’m obviously referring to not being loose from the early positions. As a rule of thumb if there are two or more players between you and the player on the button you are in early position and in that case you should avoid playing the speculative holdings. So if there is 2 guys between you and the button simply fold the hands like J984 no-suits before the flop and don’t even think about it twice. Yes, I do realize that you can hit lot of straights with that hand but you will too often get yourself in crappy situations when a player who has position on you puts some pressure on you.

Number two advice: Don’t try to hit hands that you are likely to lose with.

This is pretty much the most basic and most important advice I can give you for playing PLO. For an example don’t draw to idiotic flushes. To give an example lets say have T diamond 8 heart 7 diamond 6 heart on board A heart Q heart 5 spade and are facing a pot sized bet you should almost always fold in this spot. In texas holdem 8 high flush draw is a killer draw, in PLO it is a shit hand. For two reasons: you will lose lot of money when you hit your hand and your opponent hits a better hand and secondly if you hit your hand your opponent is unlikely to give you lot of action with a worse hand.

Number three advice: WWTDD? He would ignore the swings!

You prolly know by now that you will hit some sickening downswings in pot limit omaha due to the silly nature of the game which involves huge amount of all in and playing big pots with marginal holdings. You should never let the shit that happens in the table to make you play worse or shatter your confidence, because if that happens your opponents will take advantage of the situations like lions (yeah, even though lions are like the kinds of the fucking jungle they usually go after the weakest animals and kill them).

Number four advice: CRUSH your opponents

As said above confidence is a major thing in PLO thus, when your opponents are low on confidence it is your job to crush them and take their moneys. If they turned to weak-tight fools bluff them, if they have become calling stations value bet them thinly and overall make sure that you take the maximum advantage of the situation. If you don’t like about this advice, well, maybe you should stick to solitaire or tetris.

I hope you found the above tips useful and they will save you some money (or obviously in the optimal case earn some money) the next time you are playing this hilarious game on the internet or somewhere live (good luck with finding a game in most of the worl though…)