Introduction to Heads Up No Limit Holdem

As part of the new and improved Euro Poker Pro we are also starting a new poker articles series about headsup poker. The articles have been written by a poker player who has been playing the mid to high stakes online poker headsup games for several years.

Headsup poker and especially the no limit holdem headsup has taken over the poker world in last few years. In the beginning of the online poker boom most of the games you could find were 9 or 10 handed. After a couple years the 6 max tables began gaining some ground and lately the headsup games have gotten almost as popular as the 6 max games.

Who should play no limit holdem headsup?

In my opinion everyone who is playing online poker should at least give a chance for the headsup games. You might just love them. However I would recommend the games especially for the players who get easily bored in the normal tables, and people who have the bad habit of spewing their chips.

The most important thing NL Headsup

As with all the poker the most important thing is game selection. If you are extremely mediocre player yourself you can do killing in the games simply by using great table selection. These people who use tight game selection are also known as bumhunters.

How to game select in headsup NL

If you notice a person waiting in more than one headsup table you can almost automatically assume that he isn’t a bad player. He might not be a great player, but you can most likely find much better spots.

One of the easiest and best ways to game select is to sit to an empty table and play against everyone who sits down against you. If after 5 minutes the players appears to play well simply quit the game. Don’t let your ego guide your decisions even if you are down against him. After a while you will start recognizing the regular players and can just refuse to give them any action. As well as you will recognize the regulars who are worse than you in headsup poker. At the sites that show the home country of the player you will also start noticing from which countries the players you want to play against come from. Without trying to insult anyone: If a person from Israel or Italy sits down in your table you can assume that he is a bad player, unless you have a reason to suspect otherwise.

Required bankroll for headsup no limit holdem:

At the minimum you should have 40 buyins in your poker bankroll for the level that you plan to play regularly. The swings in headsup can be fast and brutal. It is not rare to lose 5 buy ins within an hour.

Recommended sites for headsup poker:

In general I would avoid the big sites that accept American players. The games in those sites are often filled with the so called bumhunters. If you are European player you might want to try out the 888 poker network, Entraction poker network, PKR, and Everest poker. For American players I recommend the merge gaming network.