Heads Up Pot Limit Omaha Strategy

When it comes to action packed poker games pot limit omaha is on top of the list. And when you play it in the headsup format the game becomes even crazier. Some might even argue that the game is so crazy that there is no point in using any type of strategy when playing it and that reading tips to pot limit imaha poker is completely useless. Despite of that we decided to write down some strategy tips for the people who are looking to play this fun game.

1) Be prepared for the swings

Yes, there will be swings. Both down and up. Pot limit omaha heads up is a game of all ins. You will need to get your chips in to the pot with a huge frequency and majority of the time when the chips go to the pot it is a coinflip. And as everyone knows in a coinflip you have a 50% chance of losing. Thus if you are a frequent PLO player you can expect to hit 10, 20, even 50 buyin swings every now and than. The best way to prepare for them is simply accept the fact that they happen and when they happen doing everything you can to stay calm and playing your best game

2) Play loose

If you are a timid poker player pot limit Omaha isn’t for you. You must be prepared to play lot of drawing hands and do lot of marginal calls in spots that you are unsure about where you stand in the hand. If you are not prepared to play loose you will get ran over by the people who are not afraid of betting when the scare cards hit.

3) Play aggressive

Obviously if the weak tight players lose money in headsup pot limit Omaha it is important that you are aggressive against them. In fact, it is even better if you are aggressive against everyone else. For an example if you have the naked ace on your hand when the third flush card hits the board you can often bluff the weak tight players. Also the weak tight players are usually afraid full houses and bigger trips when they are for an example holding T873 on a JTT board. Against the tightest players simply keep hammering the flop, turn and river. And keep doing it unless you have a reason to suspect that they are trying to trap you by slowplaying or that they are getting pissed off. If you suspect that either one is happening tighten up your game and get the maximum value with your great hands from them.