Advice for Freeroll Tournaments

Many online poker sites offer their users a chance to play freeroll poker tournaments, in these tournaments the player doesnt have to invest anything himself to play but can win real money or tournament tokens from the freerolls. List of the best weekly freerolls can be found from at Euro Poker Pro news. Freerolls are a great way to learn the game of poker or if you are just making transition to a new game it might be a good idea to play freerolls in that game to get a good grasp of the rules and other important things. Despite of these tournaments being free to participate they usually have more serious players then play money games simply because in play money games you cant win anything real and this results that transition from freerolls to real money games is shorter then from play money games. We hope the below advice to freeroll tournaments help you.

Here is 3 quick advice tips that we over here at Euro Poker Pro thing that might improve your freeroll tournament results:

1) Choose the correct freeroll tournament

This is the most important thing to consider when you are playing freerolls. Even before the game starts you want to make sure that you are playing the tournaments with least players compared to the prize pool. Simply calculation prize pool/players will give you the best idea on what tournament at that time is the best one. Obviously there is other important factors to consider too when choosing the tournament, like if you enjoy playing on the poker software that the tournament is held at. One sure tip we can give is that NoiQ poker $1000 freeroll every Wednesday is good value as you can play it without any requirements and they take maximum of 1000 players to that tournament.

2) Play tight in the beginning.

Lots of players are going all-in in the beginning of tournaments with bad hands and thus you should wait for good hands, and call their all ins only with good hands. This way you can often except to dominate the all-in situation, e.g you have bigger pair or AK against someone elses A3 and try to increase your stack with small risk.

3) When money gets closer start getting more aggressive
Lot of players do the mistake of tightening up when the money places are close, this is a great place for you to improve your stack and place in the tournament by taking cheap stabs at the blinds and pots, for example if its folded to you on button you can often raise with lot of hands just hoping to steal the blinds, assuming you think the blinds are tight. Playing aggressive will surely result you sometimes getting knocked out before the money, but in the long run this style assures you more top finishes in freeroll tournaments.