Four Mistakes That Could Kill Your Poker Winning Rate

Just like in any game, mental mistakes can kill your win rate at online poker. One of the most important ways to avoid making mental mistakes that can keep your winning rate low is to know exactly what are the most common mistakes made and also try to avoid them. You can definitely be a winning player, but in order to truly reach your maximum potential you must definitely avoid making these 4 mental mistakes.

Playing too long when you have a bad beat

I think that every online poker player had their period of decline and played too long while they were stuck. The moment you start losing the first thing that comes in your mind is to get at least even. This is the moment when you start forcing things and you also start to play too long.

It’s only a matter of time when you start losing chips and your game starts to suffer since you have nothing else in your mind but to get even and of course the quality of your play will have to suffer. And from that moment it’s only a matter of time until you hit the tilt.

This is why we suggest that you don’t play too long while you’re stuck and you also must know exactly when to call it a day.

Quit too early to keep your winnings

Some players will make the exact opposite mistake of the first one presented by getting out of a game prematurely just after a couple of lucky hands. In case you are going to book a win early but after you were on a serious downswing, we consider it as a good thing since it’s going to enhance your confidence level. But in case you just play for a few minutes and quit as soon as you manage to be up by a buy in, this is something you must definitely avoid. And in case you will combine this mental poker mistake with the first one, of playing when you’re stuck you will definitely not have a bright future with your poker play.

Just like any other game the confidence is an important factor in the decisions you take at the table. This is why we consider that if you have started to win at a table the best thing you could do is to continue playing. In case you quit, you will be leaving a lot of money at the table.

Bluffing at the wrong time

Bluffing is always part of any online poker game, but a bad bluff should never be part of your poker games.

The moment you start bluffing you will be representing a hand. In case you don’t do that, the opponent is going to notice and you will transform him in a calling station.

When bluffing you must always have in mind the hand you are representing, the one that your opponents think you have. And in case your bluffing will also have a plan B, things can be even better. This is why when you will get called you can still hit the table and win. This way, in case you have a good plan and you also think about the hand you want to represent at the table, you will be automatically removing all your bad bluffs from your play.

Bad table/game selection

You can win a lot of money at an online poker game without being the best player in the world. You don’t even have to be the best player sitting at that table. The only thing that matters is to be one that’s better than the majority of the players at the table. This is why you will have to know how to seek for those poker tables where you find yourself above the majority of the players. So use the filters from the lobby and sit down at the tables you find appropriate sit down and in case they are no good, don’t be afraid to start searching for a different table.

The mental mistakes that can be made at online poker can really kill your win rate.
We consider that winning at online poker is a business and you should treat it so. Always do your best to stay focused at the poker tables. Take frequent breaks and always stay sharp. You will get nowhere if you chat and watch TV at the same time.