Common Pot Limit Omaha Mistakes

Pot limit omaha or short PLO is known as the action game, and if you are the type of player who likes to play lots of big pots and going all in pot limit omaha games might very well be for you, however if you are not careful its easy to lose money quickly in omaha, especially if you are coming from some other poker game as pot limit omaha is quite different then any other online poker games.

In this article we will look at the some of the most common mistakes and errors people make when they are playing pot limit omaha.

1) Drawing to non-nut hands in multiway pots
There is some exceptions to this rule, when its correct to go after a pot when there is multiple players left and you dont have a nut-draw(meaning you cant hit a hand that would be 100% sure the best). However as a general rule of thumb for players who are just getting in started in omaha it might be a good idea to make sure that every time you call with a draw that you can also make the best hand, reason for this is that it is much easier for your opponents to make a nut hand and it might cause you to lose a lot of money, when you hit your draw and opponent still has a better hand.

2) Over valuing aces
When you have two aces in omaha preflop you are a favorite against almost every combination but after the flop things get lot more complicated and again because your opponents are holding 4 cards in omaha they have much easier time to outdraw aces then they have in holdem poker, for that reason you should be careful when you have aces and don’t improve on flop.

3) Going crazy
If you have watched the best online players play pot limit omaha you might have noticed that they are extremely aggressive, however this doesn’t mean that when you are playing omaha you should try the same type of aggression as they do. In some spots aggression is good when you can bully your opponents, but in lot of low stakes there is lot of players who simply wont fold their hand no matter how hard you try to push them, so always keep an eye open for the players who call all the bets and don’t try to bluff them.