Choosing Your Poker Game

I have before written about how to do poker game selection, which is the practice of finding the best poker tables to play in. So we will not focus on that in this article and instead we will share same tips on how to find the best poker game for your personality and goals. E.g after reading this poker strategy article you should have a better idea about if you should for an example play headsup (1-on-1) no limit texas holdem or full table fixed limit Omaha high / low.

This article focuses on cash game poker, the simple reason behind that is that I don’t feel like I have enough experience with either multi table tournaments nor sit and go tournaments to share tips for them. However, I would assume that even the players playing those games will get something out of this article. Also in this article we will not look into some rarer games such as Badugi with which I don’t have lot of personal experience with, giving advice on who should play game which I haven’t played lot myself would most likely be a really bad idea.

Should you play headsup poker, 6 max poker or full table (9 / 10 players) poker format:

Who should play headsup poker: If you are by nature aggressive poker player who wants to play lot of pots aggressively and often creatively, and isn’t afraid of big swings that can happen in short period of time headsup is a good game for you.

Who should play 6 max poker games: 6 Max poker poker games are at the moment by far the most popular format of poker, so there is obviously by far the most quality information available for those games. What this means is that in 6 max you need to be willing to spend lot of time studying the game in order to stay ahead of your opponents. Also these days 6 max games play lot close to full table games than headsup games which means that they require patience and good self-control = > if you tend to spew you might want to stay away from these game.

Who should play full table poker games: In full table poker you are often required to use extreme hand selection and avoid playing marginal spots thus these games are best for those players who won’t mind having to wait for the bit pots and exciting hands to happen sometime later (obviously you can play lot of tables at the same time and make the waiting that way a bit easier)

Which poker game you should be playing:

No Limit / Pot Limit texas holdem: If you want to find game any time of the day this is the poker game for you, just keep in mind that you will need to be able to stay calm during the big pots that you lose and avoid making silly plays as they easily cost you too much money in no limit and pot limit texas holdem.

Fixed limit texas holdem: The fixed limit texas holdem games play so differently depending on if you are playing headsup, 6 max or 10 max that the best advice I can give is to simply test if you any of those feel good for you. But one thing that I can tell is that if you are not comfortable with making thin value bets these games are not for you.

Pot limit Omaha poker: By nature the most loose-aggressive poker game at the moment and thus you can always get away with playing much more aggressive style in this game than in no limit texas holdem for an example. On the other hand if you are afraid of swings and playing big pots in nasty spots pot limit Omaha isn’t the poker game for you.

Limit 7 card stud: This is hugely analytical game and thus fits best those love calculating odds and analyzing different situations.

Limit Omaha high / low poker: This game has lot of similarities with fixed limit texas holdem, one additional thing that you need to keep in mind about this game is that from majority of the sites you wont find high stakes (or often even mid-stakes) limit Omaha high / low games and thus if you plan becoming high stakes shark in that format it might turn out to slightly challenging.

Pot Limit Omaha high / low poker: Generally speaking this isn’t the game for those who love to make so called hero-calls. Just like with the limit version of this game there unfortunately are not many high or even mid-stakes pot limit Omaha high / low games at the moment, and thus it might be hard to make lot of money by playing this game exclusively.

Telesina: This is a poker game played on at least one European online poker network. The game requires both good psychological and mathematical thinking and requires you to play patient poker most of the time. For those reasons telesina suits best the analytical type poker players who are not action-junkies and can remain patient even during the extended cold-runs.