Blind Stealing in Poker

If you want to go deep into the game of Texas Hold’em poker and in poker tournaments then you need to know and to practice the art of blind stealing. Blind stealing as a strategy if used properly and at the right time can lead you to that pot. Stealing as used in the game of poker is somewhat similar to bluff. But a closer look will reveal that blind stealing is something more complex than the bluff that you know.

Just what is blind stealing and how this strategy works in the table? This is simply a steal attempt when a player raises the pre-flop in anticipation that he can win the blinds uncontested. If you do this and everyone on the table folds when you raise, then you win the money no matter what the value of the cards are. This is simply another way of bluffing your way to the pot of money. This kind of poker play or strategy is often practiced at the latter end of the game or after some players have folded or if the round is short handed. Players using this kind of play or strategy should use blind stealing well since this is a familiar play for skilled players. Some skilled players will usually see and anticipate these kind if plays and veteran players will simply re-raise as a way of defense.

So if blind stealing is a good strategy, then where is the best part of the game to use this kind of poker play? When you play full tables there are three different positions where you can steal the blinds; the early position, the middle position and the late position which is also called as the dealer position. And the best known position where you can launch the blind steal is thru the dealer position. This is considered the best and the easiest way to do the blind stealing, but the issue here is that everyone knows and anticipates this kind of play. Most steals in most poker events and tournaments are usually seen in the latter end of the games or this play happens the moment the game is short-handed. There will be an instance when a surging player with good number of chips may want to re-raise a player that he thinks may be planning to steal.

Since blind stealing is one way of bluffing, then the rules of doing bluffing will roughly follow that of doing bluffing. Yes you can bluff too often and infrequently and this will depend on the opposite players, the stacks at hand and how big the blinds may be. Bluffing your way to the pot can be a big mistake if there are a large number of players at the table, and not using this can be a problem too. For best results, it is best to use the play depending on the situation. This kind of strategy and poker play will not win you large amount of money per hand but this play will allow you to gain significant profit once the player to the left fails to counter your move.