Advanced Table Selection and Players Per Flop

Using the players/flop percentage guide in the lobby area of most online poker sites is often the best way of finding the right online ring game to play in. The higher the number of players seeing flop, the looser the table and the more money in the pot. However, these statistics will frequently include players on the Big Blind getting involved when one or two players have just limped into the pot and on a short-handed table could make as much as 17% difference to the player/flop figure. Furthermore, if you have to join a waiting list to get onto the table, the dynamics of the table may well have change before you get dealt your first set of cards.

If you are a regular visitor to the online ring tables, you may find it more useful to target specific players who prefer to limp into as many pots as possible in order to see the flop economically. To gauge this you need to record their “Voluntary Put $ Into Pot” statistic. The VP$IP measures the percentage of hands a player plays preflop, excluding hands where the player checks from the big blind, but including hands where the player limps in or raises and then folds to a raise or re-raise.

On a short-handed table, this figure will range from 10% to 80%. A player with a 10% VP$IP plays exceedingly tight – likely to be playing only pocket pairs and perhaps AK and high ranking suited connectors. A player with an 80% VP$IP is extremely loose and plays nearly every hand.

Most online players tend to fall within a range between 15% and 30% on short-handed tables and 20% and 35% in full ring games. Players with a VP$IP over 40% tend to be loose – and losing- players, so these are the players you need to be looking out for. This can be accurately done through observation and the use of poker software, although poker software counts the BB calls as well. Once you have identified these players add, them to your buddy lists and use their presence to help determine which tables you should play on.

As always advised on Euro Poker Pro, change the way in which you play frequently so that other players are mislead about your betting trends. Play loose on a tight table and tight on a loose table and focus on identifying your opponents´ poker styles whilst never letting them get an edge on you.