5 Tips for Playing Pot Limit Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha is getting increasingly popular and in most places in Europe it is already the poker game played most in live casinos. Omaha is also getting more common occurrence in the major online poker networks such as iPoker from where you can find dozens of 6 player pot limit omaha tables running around the clock all the way from the small $0.01/$0.02 game up to a huge $100/$200 game. One interesting thing about online omaha is that even though there is 8, 9 and 10 player tables at every major site the game is almost always played in 6 max tables and often in headsup tables. Thats why these 5 omaha tips are geared towards the 6max games. We hope you enjoy these pot limit omaha tips. They should help even the seasoned PLO players to boost their winrate and add some green to their wallet.

1) You can play more hands then in holdem!

This is our #1 advice. In omaha you are dealt 4 cards and have to always use 2 of them to make the best poker hand. Because you dont have to worry about the other two cards too much you can play lot of speculative hands and have more chance to hit the flop. If you get to see a flop cheaply you can even see it with a hand like 9763 all different suits.

2) Do not play too many hands!

After reading the number 1 advice for pot limit omaha this might sound bit silly. However we notice that lot of players in omaha start playing almost all the hands, because of the potential they see in them. However it is important to keep in mind that not all 4 cards are equal and you should certainly be folding before the flop all your worst hands, and even some rather good hands if there is lot of action preflop and you can assume that your opponents have you dominated. You should be especially careful with hands like J943, because these make very little nut-hands meaning that very often when you hit something good other people have something even better.

3) Aces are not as good as in Holdem poker

This is important thing to keep in mind when playing pot limit omaha poker. When your opponents are holding 4 cards in their hand instead of the 2 as in holdem poker its much easier for them to outdraw your pocket aces. For this reason you cant fall as much in love with the aces as you do in holdem poker, if you can get all the money in to the pot preflop when you are holding pockets aces you should do it as you are favorite and almost all cases (biggest expectation being when your opponent has aces as well and better back up cards). However after the flop you should be very careful when someone put the pressure on you and you didnt improve your hand.

4) Position is important

Being in position in poker means that you are acting last in the first round of betting after the flop, turn and river is dealt.

Thus being on button is the best place to be as you are always the last one to act after the flop, turn and river and being on small blind is the worst position as you the first to act(except preflop, or in some headsup games). Because omaha is so much more aggressive game then holdem and its easier to make great hands it makes sense that being in position is a big advantage, especially if you are holding a speculative hand or are considering launching bluff its great to see what player do before its your turn.

5) Do not tilt!

This might be the most important advice we can give you. In omaha lot of bad beats happen as people are all the time putting their chips into a pot with drawing hands, because of this sometimes you will hit very bad cold streaks when it seems like you are losing every pot. In times like that is very important not to go on tilt, but instead stay calm and play your best poker. If you every feel like you are about to tilt simply leave the table and continue playing when you are ready to play your best game again.

Good luck and have fun in the pot limit omaha tables!