3Betting for Value in Poker

If you are playing online poker, you are probably accustomed to the wild aggressive play that has found it way into the poker world. It is more than possible to be sitting at a table where there is at least one pre-flop raise and a re-raise in every hand. Most of the time poker players make their three-bets just to get more money out there. They do not understand the dynamics of the play and how it effects the game, and are probably just imitating their favorite TV pro. You will often see player three betting with far to broad a range of hands, and conversely you will also see the very tight players, who don’t three bet enough and get no value. When making a three bet, it should be done with one of two plays, either a light three bet, or a three bet for value. This article will examine the value three bet more closely.

Three Betting For Value tips

The common three bet is the value three bet, and while it is common, there are still a lot of players that misunderstand how to use it. The three bet for value is used when you are very much sure that you have the best hand, and want as much money in the pot as possible while you have the upper hand.

The range of hand with which a player three bets are different from person to person. It should also depend on some in-game factors like your current image at the table, how the game is flowing, how your opponent’s are playing, and most importantly knowing what your opponent’s range of hands is for various situations so that you can three bet accordingly.

When facing your average tight/aggressive style of player, you will want to keep your range retty narrow, maybe only AA, KK, QQ JJ and AK. If you are playing against someone who is making a lot of raises with out much to back it up and is calling a lot of re-raises light, then you can add in 1010 and 99 to that range, as well as AQ.

You do not want to become the player that is easily predictable with his three bets. If you are playing with a lot of the same people form session to session, they will pick up on this and know you are only making a third bet with a premium hand. The goal when using the three bet is to not allow your opponent to put you on a range. Make them think outside of four or five hands, and put them to tough decisions. Three betting accurately is sure to increase your profitability.