Best Micro Stakes Poker Sites

Micro stakes online poker tables are defined as the fixed limit poker games with at most $0.25/$0.50 stakes and no limit and pot limit games with at most $0.10/$0.25 stakes. On these stakes the relative rake (the amount house takes from every pot that goes to flop or beyond) is extremely high compared to the higher stakes online poker tables. Thus if you are serious about making money by (or even just want to make sure poker is not a too expensive hobby) playing the micro stakes texas holdem poker tables it is important to play on poker site where the promotions offered for micro stakes players offer great extra value. Both of the above online poker sites are known as poker rooms that make sure that even their micro stakes players get their fair share of the promotional money, and that is one of the biggest reasons why we believe them to be the absolute best sites in 2011 to play micro stakes online poker games.

Easiest Micro Stakes Sites

Carbon Poker – Best USA players accepted micro stakes poker site

In our opinion Carbon Poker is simply the absolute best option for micro stakes players who are looking to play on reliable online poker site where the deposits and withdraws work smoothly and where the small games have lot of casual poker players in them. In addition to those nice things Carbon also has a loads of nice promotions, including for an example a match bonus up to $600 for new depositors. Carbon Poker works great on both MAC and PC. Go to now.

888Poker – Best micro stakes texas holdem poker site for European & Australian players

If you are from either Europe or Australia we recommend opening a poker account at 888poker online poker site instead of the carbon poker site. 888 poker offers at the moment the absolute lowest online texas holdem poker games and they also have great promotions for all of their players, including even those who opt to play for the micro stakes. All in all this is a great site to play micro stakes texas holdem. 888Poker offers new poker players a really nice up to $400 double up bonus (so if you deposit $15 to your poker account you will get extra $15 worth in bonus). Go to now.

About Micro Stakes Texas Holdem Poker:

Other reasons behind why we are so confident that they are the absolute best sites include things such as the reliability of those online poker rooms, the ease of money transactions and the fact that the games are not filled with serious poker grinders but instead there are lot of loose, casual, poker players simply looking to have a good time by playing online poker. We wish you the best of luck on your online poker adventures.