Softest Poker Tournaments

If you are looking for the European online poker site that has the softest fields in it’s online poker tournaments there is simply no place like the Even on the higher buyin tournaments the fields on this site seem to mainly consists players simply looking to gamble it up and hoping to catch that very unlikely run that somehow takes them to the final table. I’m sure you know what this means, decent amount of variance but if you are patient and just keep playing your A game you will have really good shot at making some good money from the tournaments at

United States: Poker Sites With The Softest Tournaments

Softest tournament fields online poker room for US poker players

888 poker doesn’t accept US players (which is likely one reason why the tournaments are so soft on that site), but the good thing is there is also at least one US online poker site with about as soft tournaments. We are obviously talking about Carbon Poker which is a poker room with some really nice guaranteed tournaments, but for some reason majority of the US pros are not yet playing on this network. We obviously shouldn’t complain about that and instead simply be happy about the fact that we get to play against bunch of really bad US donks at the tournaments on CarbonPoker.

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Playing at the softest online poker sites for tournaments:

Back in the day it didn’t really matter where you played online poker tournaments. Regardless of the site majority of the field was completely clueless when it came to the current tournament strategy and usually would donate their chips to you if you just asked nicely (or trapped nicely). However, things have changed quite a bit over the last few years.

These days there are major differences in the skill level of players you are playing against depending on the tournament.

Naturally the bigger the tournament the better your opponents tend to be, but it also depends quite a bit on which poker site you are playing the tournament on. For some reason it seems like the toughest tournaments tend to be on the big American poker rooms (this might be because they use well known tournament players in their advertising so they attract players who are already interested in that form of poker and have a decent idea about it).