Softest Internet Poker Rooms

The most important thing in making money from poker is that you play it against people who are worse than you at poker. That might sound like a bold statement, but if you take a moment to think about it, you will realize that it is true. Thus it is extremely surprising that so few players pay attention to the sites they play at. After all there are huge differences between the softness of the poker games on different poker sites. Even those who are looking for the softest poker sites might have some problems with actually finding them as other players are extremely careful not to share their secret fishing places. However, we have nothing to hold back and thus, below you will find the five online poker rooms that we believe to be the softest poker sites online.

#1 Softest poker site for US poker players –

There are several reasons behind why the poker games at CarbonPoker are especially soft. First of all it shares the poker platform with several huge online sportsbooks, and let’s face it traditionally sports bettors are not exactly the strongest poker players. And this is more than evident at the site, in fact it appears that you can find rich poker players all the way to highest games doing their best at donating away their moneys. The second reason why the games at CarbonPoker are so soft is the software, it is a rather fancy software with lot of cool features such as rabbit hunt (see which cards would have come on the streets you didn’t get to see) and the “run it twice”-feature. These type of features tend to be even more attractive for the casual poker players than the serious poker grinders. All in all is a poker site with extremely soft texas holdem and omaha poker games, and in our experience this doesn’t only apply for the low stakes games but also for the mid stakes and even high stakes tables. New Carbon Poker players can at the moment get a generous 100% up to $600 first deposit poker bonus. Open account now and play soft online poker games.

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#1 Softest online poker room for European players –

If you are looking for the softest online poker sites aimed for the European players look no further then at 888Poker. As a massive sports betting and casino brand 888 manages to constantly bring new fish to their poker players and these poker fishes appear to be more than ready to leave their hard earned cash for the poker players. Besides the extremely soft poker games 888Poker has also couple other things going for it, the main thing is their amazing rewards program. The rewards program returns you each month significant amount of rake you pay, and as “rakeback” is not allowed the at the rewards program is the best alternative for a serious poker player. Naturally all the players who register through EuroPokerPro will be automatically enrolled for the rewards program as well as will get the nice 100% up to $400 first deposit bonus. Open account now and enjoy the benefits of soft games and reward program.

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