Poker Sites with the most Fish

One of the best kept secrets in the online poker industry is how insanely easy the games are at If you are one of those players who misses the “good old days” when online poker games were truly filled with bad players we recommend opening an account at 888poker. Most of the promotions this online poker site have been targeted on bringing in the casual poker players and casino gamblers and they truly seem to have succeed in it. Thanks to it you can find easy games (often with several fishes per table) from not only the low stakes but also from mid stakes and even high stakes. Both texas holdem and omaha games on seem to be much easier than on any other sites on. And this goes for both cash games and tournaments.

All the new players who deposit to this site will automatically get an exclusive bonus up to $600 and will be enrolled into the 888poker’s lucrative cashback program.

If you would like to play on more than one fishy poker site, then the 5 listed below represent the top 5 current poker sites with the most fish.

Unfortunately US players are not accepted at the 888poker online poker room, however luckily even for our USA readers there is almost as good place to play against fishes. is part of the quickly growing Merge Gaming poker network, and it seems like most of the grinders and pros haven’t found this site yet.

Thanks to this there are still lot of fish with big bankrolls, including some nice reg fishes (regular players who would lose on tougher sites). All the new CarbonPoker depositors get a 100% up to $600 bonus and also get to enjoy ton of other high value promotions.

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Why smaller online poker sites have more fishes:

If you are looking to make some serious cash from playing poker online it is important that you play against bad players. These bad players are in the online poker slang commonly known as fish. Even though it might seem surprising there are actually quite a huge differences on the pro-to-fish ratio between different online poker rooms. And maybe even more surprisingly it seems like the smaller the poker room the more fish it has. But when you stop to think about it, it is not actual all that surprising and the reason behind it is that most of the pro players like to play at least 4 poker tables at the same time and the smallest online poker rooms that might be impossible.

The other big reason why the small poker rooms such as 888poker and CarbonPoker have more fish is that they on top of just poker those sites also offer casino games to play, while on the other hand sites like PokerStars and FullTilt have only poker games available to their customers. Most of the fishes also like to gamble on casino games and thus it makes sense that they choose to play online poker on sites that also offer blackjack, roulette and other gambling games.