It is not often that you see poker players from Pakistan playing online poker. And it is even rarer to find them playing the biggest online poker games. However it seems like right now PokerStars has a one who is playing them and doing it well. Player known as Zzeigler has his location listed as Lahore which is the second biggest city in Pakistan. For a while now Zzeigler has been playing the $1000/$2000 and $500/$1000 games against players such as otterkopf and based on our observing he seems to do it well.

Assuming that Zzeigler is actually from Pakistan (it is important to note that you can list your location at PokerStars as whatever you want to) he isn’t the only poker player with the roots in the 170 million people country who has made his way to top of the world. Poker tournament pro Hasan Habib was born in Pakistan and lived there until he was 18 – now he has around $5millon worth live poker tournament cashes and drivers Ferrari.

We haven’t been able to find information about who Zzeiger is and thus his real name also a mystery. However based on the fact that very few people seem to be willing to play against him it is safe to assume that he is a serious poker player.