Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan who might be better known by his online poker handles Durrrr and Holdem_NL is one of the best younger generation highstakes poker players and really the face for the young internet poker pros. Tom was born in July 30. in 1986 in Edison, New Jersey, United States. Tom is also known of being fond of doing so called prop-bets, as a result of lost prop-bet that he has for example had to play a live poker tournament wearing a giant flamingo hat. Tom has said in an interview that origins of his most known online nick durrrr come from him simply trying to find a nick that would be annoying for his opponents.

Tom Dwan Online Poker

Tom got his start in online poker back when he was 17 years old, his first deposit was $50 and according to him he hasn’t had to invest any additional money to poker after that initial first deposit. At first Durrrr was playing $5 Sit N Go tournaments, but soon he realized that he could make even more money from cash games poker. According to him he slowly grinded up from the small limits without getting much attention from the online poker community until he reached $10/$20 no limit games. At the time when he got up to $10/$20 no limit it was the biggest no limit holdem game at online poker site PokerStars and due to that lot of Railbirds were interested about this game and began writing and gossiping about who was this guy who was always winning big amounts of money under PokerStars nick Holdem_NL.

However $10/$20 (aka $2000nl) was just a start for Tom Dwan on his way to the biggest online poker games in the world, soon he had build enough roll from these games that he began looking for a bigger games to play, and he found those from Prima Poker ( these days known as Microgaming) where he was able to play highstakes nl holdem up to $200/$400 headsup. According to the statics Tom was also a big winner at Prima Poker before the games dried up in that network and Tom had to be looking for a new games again. Luckily for him FullTiltPoker online poker room had started hosting the biggest online poker games you can find from internet and Tom was soon playing them under his FTP nick durrr.

At first in 2007 Tom was winning huge amounts of money from their NL games but steadily losing the money in $200/$400 pot limit omaha games and many considered him to be a bad pot limit omaha player, or stupid for playing so big games. However in 2008 opinion of those people has changed as he has won big amounts of money from pot limit omaha games as well, as of today you can see Tom Dwan playing almost every big game at FTP, including limit holdem, omaha hi/lo and H.O.R.S.E poker.

As of today his internet poker winnings are estimated to exceed $5million.

Tom Dwan Live Poker

Tom Dwan had his first live poker tournament cash in 2005 when he finished 12th in a European Poker Tour London competition for £7000. As the legal to do casino gambling in most casinos in USA is 21 tom had to wait till 2007 to be able to start playing poker live poker tournaments in his home country, shortly after turning 21 in 2007 he got his first live poker tournament cash from World Poker Tour event when he was 4th for $ 324,244.

2008 has been Tom’s breakthrough year in live poker, first in January he was 2nd in a $3000 AUD tournament in Melbourne for bit over $100,000 AUD and later same month he finished also 2nd in a $5000 Borgata Winter Open even for more then $200,000. In summer 2008 Tom Durrr Dwan got his first WSOP cashes when he was twice 8th in a World Series of Poker tournament, first in $10,000 mixed event and then in $5000 No limit 2-7 draw lowball. As of today his live poker tournament winnings are almost $1million.

Tom has also been featured in numerous live poker TV-shows such as Aussie Millions cash games, and multiple times in Poker After Dark.