In the beginning of 2009 iPoker was one of the most interesting networks for the railbirds to follow. Unfortunately it seems like these days most of the regulars refuse to play each other and are simply sitting in their headsup tables waiting for inexperienced and unknown players to sit against them. One player who still seems to have courage to play even against the regular is TheItalienStyle.

TheItalienStyle is a familiar sight in the $200/$400 and $100/$200 no limit headsup games and you can often catch him playing against players such as MCSHANE22 and OGDHELPMEPLS. The first think you notice about TheItalienStyle is that he is extremely loose and aggressive and is never afraid of putting his chips in to the middle, guess that is what the “italien style” means.

At the moment there is no information about what is the real name of TheItalienStyle and on the iPoker network players unfortunately even allowed to display whatever they want as their location. So even though he has his location listed at Italy in the end you cant be certain that that is where he is actually from.