You can sometimes tell how much some poker players love playing online poker simply by watching how much time they spend in the poker tables. Savagegamble is one of these players. It almost seems like he is sitting 24/7 in the PokerStars fixed limit holdem games $50/$100 and above. Unfortunately or fortunately for him he appears to be so good in poker that even though he is waiting in the tables almost 24/7 very few people actually have the guts to challenge him in the games of $200/$400 and bigger. And those who have the guts often end up regretting having them after savagegamble has taken their moneys – once again.

Savagegamble has his location listed as los angeles at pokerstars so it is likely that he is one of the numerous high stakes limit holdem pros that comes from there. However there is currently no reliable information on what is his real name, so people can simply play guessing games based on the clues given to them.