Roland De Wolfe

Roland De Wolfe Personal Life

Roland De Wolfe is English poker professional who like many of the younger generation poker players got his start playing online poker, before making playing poker his job Roland used to write about poker in Inside Edge poker magazine.

Roland De Wolfe and Poker

Roland De Wolfe got his first live poker tournament cash in 2004 when he finished 6th in a £500 pot limit holdem tournament played in London, England. His first live poker tournament win followed just couple months later when he won a £150 tournament which was as well played in London, for this tournament win Roland got bit £4000. In summer 2005 Roland was 42nd in a $1000 no limit holdem WSOP tournament making it his first ever WSOP cash score.

You can say that Roland really began making name for himself in the poker world when he won a World Poker Tour Paris event in July, 2005, this great win gave him just around 480,000?. Roland?s next major score came bit less then a year later when he was 3rd in a WPT Championship event that had a $25,000 buyin, this 3rd place gave him his first over million dollar tournament score, to be exact he got $ 1,025,205 .

Later in that year Roland also won an European Poker Tour event which took place in Dublin, Ireland in the final headsup he beat David Tavenier and won 554,300?. Later in 2006 he got 2 more over $100,000 scores both from Las Vegas, Nevada.

2007 was another big year for Roland De Wolfe as he won over $700,000 from live poker tournaments with the best score being around $430,000 from The Irish Open.

In 2008 Roland has over 10 live tournament scores, but nothing major as of November 2008, however he might still very well win a big event 2008 and improve his already impressive record.

As of total Rolands live poker tournament winnings are bit over $4 million right now.