Phil 'MrSweets28' Galfond Profile

One of the regular high stakes players at PokerStars online poker room is MrSweets28. In the past he used to play almost exclusively the $25/$50 no limit texas holdem poker tables, but after grinding them enough he graduated to the absolute biggest NL holdem poker games that you can find at Stars. There are no stats available but it is believed that he did extremely well also on those $100/$200 and $200/$400 games thanks to his analytical approach to online poker.
Lately you have probably seen him playing the biggest PLO poker games at Stars, he has been a regular sight at the 6 max $100/$200 PLO tables as well as the full table PLO games up to the $200/$400 games.

Who is MrSweets28?

There is no real, actual, confirmed, information available about the identity of MrSweets28 but some people are rather convinced that he is none other than online poker legend Phil Galfond (you might have seen him playing at Full Tilt Poker under the nickname OMGClayAiken). This is because he previously used to use Phil Galfond’s picture as his online poker avatar. However some people also people believe that the player behind the account is one of the Dang brothers (who play as Urindanger or Trex313 at Full Tilt Poker) and that they used the picture of Phil Galfond as some sort of joke. Either way, those three people are the most likely candidates to be behind the MrSweets28 account. Though naturally it could be someone totally else. One final thing that speaks on it actually being Phil Galfond is the fact that his location is listed as “New York” and that is where mr. Galfond currently lives in.

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