Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius is a Finnish poker superstar who now lives in Monaco. Patrik was born in Vantaa, Finland and has in many occasions said that his family didn’t have much money when he was a kid and that they were at times struggling to even get food on the table. As a younger man Patrik was one of the most promising Finnish tennis players but had to quit tennis due to back problems.

Patrik started building name for himself in the poker circles in 2003-2004 when his famous poker nickname I_KNOCKOUT_U started appearing the biggest limit holdem games at Ladbrokes Poker. Patrik was battling against many famous online superstars such as Erik Sagström and Bengt Sonenrt in the $200/$400 6max tables and made big amounts of money. Actually Patrik and some other guys won so much from those games that the games soon stopped running and Patrik had to look for new games to play.

It didn’t take long from him to become well known NL Hold em player and to start crushing the NL and also Pot Limit Omaha games around the net. Between 2006 and 2008 Patrik has also played the biggest live cash games in Las Vegas and actually even lived in Vegas for a while. Patrik Antonius has enjoyed good success also in the live poker tournaments and has 1 EPT win and one 2nd place in WPT as of 2008 his live tournament winnings exceed couple million dollars.