Couple years ago the high stakes limit holdem games used to be THE thing among the online poker pros. You could often find several $1000/$2000 6max limit holdem games running and the players in those tables were “online poker heroes”. These days everyone who follows online poker seems to be more interested about the no limit and pot limit omaha tables. Despite of that there are still some interesting high stakes fixed limit players left who would deserve more attention. One of these players is a Dutch man who plays at PokerStars under the screen name Otterkopf. You can often find Otterkopf playing the $100/$200 and bigger games and it seems like he is especially focusing on the headsup games – many poker pros claim that the heads up games are the most interesting form of poker because of the fast paced action and big swings.

Based on our research the real name of Otterkopf is not public knowledge and thus we don’t have an answer to the popular “Who is Otterkopf” question. Some have speculated that he might be Noah Boeken who is a famous Dutch poker pro, however given the fact that Noah plays at PokerStars under the sceen name Exlusive and is a sponsored PokerStars pro this is somewhat unlikely.

What is likely though is that even by watching Otterkopf in action you will most likely learn a thing or two that will improve your results in the games that you play – just keep in mind that headsup poker is very different from the 6 max and 10 max poker games.