Markus Golser

In the last few years Austria has produced a whole new brand of online poker super stars. Players such as Niki Jedlicka have risen to world wide fame by climbing the online poker ladder. However, already before these young poker players began making name for themselves there were several well known Austrian poker pros.

In this article we will look into maybe the best known “old school” Austrian poker pro: Markus Golser.

Markus Golser Background

Markus comes from one of the biggest Austrian cities, Salzburg. Already as a young man – way before there were any casinos in Salzburg, he was playing nickel and dime poker games and earning little extra money for himself. After a while he began making more money from the poker games then he was making from his regular job. And after some pondering he came to the conclusion that it only made sense to quit his full time job and become a poker pro.

In the beginning of his poker career Markus Golser mainly focused in the local cash games and once in a while participated in some local poker tournaments.

Markus Golser and Poker Tournaments

And from such a local tournament Markus got his first live poker tournament score during 1996, $2,525 for a 2nd place. In 1998 Markus managed to win Austrian masters poker tournament for around $7,000 and that is when started focusing a little bit more in the poker tournaments.

In 2000 Golser made his first World Series of Poker final table when he finished 3rd in a $2,500 pot limit omaha tournament for around $50,000. After that Markus had dozens of decent sized results in tournament, however he had to way all the way to 2007 to have his first 6 figure score.

In December of 2007 he participated in European Poker Tour Prague tournament and ended up making the final table. He managed to score the 5th place in the final table which netted him 151,800€.

In the following summer 2008 he also made his second WSOP final table when he was 6th in a $1,500 limit holdem poker tournament.

As of today Markus Golser has won almost $1million from live poker tournaments and is 2nd in the Austrian all time money list.

Markus Golser and Online Poker

As many of the live poker pros also Markus began playing online poker actively when the poker boom began. However unlike many of the other successful live pros he has also managed to have success in the online games. At first Mr. Golser was mostly seen playing the biggest limit holdem and pot limit omaha games over at PokerStars under the nick name Jumper_17. However back in 2007 when the biggest online games began moving over to FullTiltPoker Markus moved there as well.

After a short while he was a familiar face in the $200/$400 pot limit omaha games, big fixed limit holdem games as well as in the biggest HORSE games. After playing for a while at FullTiltPoker he was offered a sponsorship deal by the site. And these days you can find Markus playing under his real name as a FullTiltPoker red pro at their site. Most of the time you can find Markus Golser and his custom FullTiltPoker avatar from the $50/$100 pot limit omaha tables or from the $500/$1000 HORSE games.

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