Kristian Kjondal

Kristian Kjondal is a poker pro who was born in 1985 in Norway and lives currently in Larvik, Norway.

Many of the best online poker pros come from this small country in Scandinavia, Europe, maybe its the cold winters that makes people stay at home and practice their texas holdem online poker skills. Kristian is sponsored by BetOnBet online gambling site.

Kristian Kjondal and Online Poker

Kristian first started playing online poker at Ladbrokes poker network under the nickname Pokerkong1 and he quickly rise to the biggest NL holdem games at Ladbrokes which at the time were $10/$20 and $25/$50 no limit holdem. Also Kristian Kjondal started the same time improving his online poker tournament strategies in the nightly $100+$9 rebuys tournaments at Lads and often had good success in these tournaments including several top 3 finishes. After a while the games at the old site started to be too small and he started looking for a new poker sites to play at, he found one from PokerStars where he started playing $25/$50nl games under the nick Pokerkong1, also he made an account to Prima Poker (these days known as Micorgaming) where he began playing the big no limit games under online poker handle Kris85 the games he choose to play where everything between $10/$20 and $50/$100 6max no limit games.

After a while Kris85 had made so much money in those games that it was time to move into $100/$200nl games and also into occasional $200/$400 holdem headsup matches, which at the time were by far the biggest online poker games. These days Kristian Kjondal seems to be mostly retired from online poker or is playing under secret poker nicks as you very rarely see his known nicks anywhere.

Live Poker

For such a young age Kristin has enjoyed great success in like poker tournaments. 2007 was the big year for mr Kjondal as first in March finished 4th in Euro Poker Tour main event that was played in Monte Carlo, Monaco, losing only to Gavin Griffin, Marc Karam and Soren Kongsgaard, for his efforts Pokerkong1 / Kris85? got almost 500,000?.

Just couple months later he got his first WSOP cash when he finished 21st in a $10,000 pot limit omaha event which paid bit over $25,000. In October 2007 Kristina Kjondal got his second EPT score when he was 23rd in EPT Dublin event and just bit over a month after that he got his 3rd big EPT score for being 3rd in European Poker Tour Prague tournament. In total Kristian Kjondal has won over $1million from live poker tournaments which majority of it won in 2007.