Hac trex313 Dang

trex313 is a prime example of the new generation of poker superstars. He is a person who has become an idol of many youngsters simply by playing online poker.

Who is trex313?

The real name of trex313 is Hac Dang. Hac Dang is a 20-something American poker player from FairFax Station, VA. His brother Di Dang is also a well known poker player and you can catch him playing at Full Tilt Poker under the screen name Urindanger.

trex313 in online poker

trex313 is without a doubt one of the biggest, if not the biggest online poker winner. It is estimated that he won near to $10million from online poker. He has been destroying the big online poker games for years. The common belief is that he was one of the biggest winners in the $10/$20 no limit games already back when Party Poker was still accepting poker players from USA. After Party Poker stopped accepting players form USA trex313 switched his focus on Full Tilt Poker. At first he was focusing on the no limit holdem games there as well and managed to grind his way all the way up to the $500/$1000 games. However when the no limit games dried up he was forced to start playing pot limit omaha. At first he was most of the time buying in for the minimum amount just so he could get a better feeling about his opponents and the game in general. However at the same time as his game has improved his buyin amount has increased. Besides the $200/$400 to $500/$1000 pot limit omaha tables you can also find him occasionally from the big mixed games.

trex313 in live poker

In online poker trex313 might be a household name but when it comes to live poker tournaments Hac Dang’s best results are still to come. In fact he has managed to finish in the money only once in a major live poker tournament (he has said he doesn’t enjoy playing live poker tournaments and thus doesn’t play many of them). His only cash finish is from the 2009 WSOP ME tournament when he finished 98th and took home bit less than $50,000.