Erik Sagstrom

Erik Sagstrom or in Swedish Sagström who comes from Linköping, Sweden was one of the first true online poker stars. The story goes that as an underage kid he managed to make a $50 deposit to online poker site after using fake sign up details and hasn’t looked back sine. Straight from the beginning his game of choice was limit holdem poker and quite quickly he was able to rise the limits to the top. Circa 2002-2003 Erik managed to make it to $200/$400 fixed limit holdem games at Ladbrokes which at the time were the biggest games one could find from online poker. In those games there were some excellent European poker pros such as Bengt Sonnert and William Thorson from Sweden and Patrik Antonius and Jani Sointula from Finland, however there was also some non-professional players and due to that Erik Sagstrom was able make loads of money from those games. At Ladbrokes he used to be under the nick TheSalmon other one of his famous online poker nicks is Erik123. After the Ladbrokes games began drying Erik started looking for some new games and was soon a familiar sight in the biggest no limit holdem games in the prima network and all the biggest games at fulltiltpoker.

These days it seems like TheSalmon / Erik123 is playing online poker mostly on two sites. The main site that he appears to play on is poker. At he focuses in the $100/$200 no limit headusp games. He is also familiar sight in the big games at where is speculated to play under the nick name DIN_FRU. At he plays mostly the $1000/$2000 HORSE tables and $1000/$2000 headsup limit tournaments.

Live Tournaments

Erik got his first bigger live tournament cash when in 2002 he finished 3rd in 200? limit holdem event at Amsterdam for the 3rd place he got 7642?. His first live tournament win came in the early 2003 when he won a 1000? no limit holdem tournament at Paris for 16,275?. After that “TheSalmon” has got several 5 figure scores, but nothing major. Overall his live tournament winnings exceed $100,000 (November 2008)