Doyle Brunson

If you had to ask a random person from street to name one poker player they might say Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu or something else, however by far the most likely answer would be Doyle Brunson.

And they would do rightfully so, Doyle Brunson really is a living poker legend, the man who all the other poker players should thank for doing so much work at making poker popular and socially acceptable.

As a young man Doyle Brunson had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player, but an unfortunate leg injury forced him to quit playing basketball seriously and got him into the poker.

The most famous one of Doyle Brunson’s nicknames is Texas Dolly, other one of his nicknames is T2 which he got for winning a World Series of Poker bracelet twice with that starting hand.

Doyle Brunson Poker Tournament Career

Doyle is without a doubt one of the best poker tournament players ever. Doyle was 3rd in World Series of Poker tournament already back in 1972. In 1976 he managed to win his first ever World Series of Poker bracelet after beating everyone else in a $5,000 deuce-to-seven draw poker tournament. For his win he got $80,250. Doyle’s first World Series of Poker main event win came already later in the same year when he won the $10,000 buyin tournament for $220,000. In 1977 he repeated his previous win and again won the WSOP ME, this time for $340,000. In total Doyle Brunson has so far won 10 World Series of poker bracelets. In 2004 he managed to win his first and so far only, World Poker Tour title by winning the Legends of Poker tournament for almost $1.2million. In total Doyle Brunson has so far won $5.5million from the live poker tournaments.

Doyle Brunson Cash Game Poker Career

While Doyle Brunson is well known for his poker tournament accomplishments he has also had a long and successful career in the high stakes poker cash games. For decades he has been playing the biggest cash game at his hometown Las Vegas, most recently the biggest cash games have been running at the Bellagio casino, where the big player have a special room called “bobby’s room” just for them. The most common big game Doyle Brunson plays is a $4000/$8000 mixed game. Mixed means that the game includes various different games which rotate in the table, for example there is usually limit holdem games, 7 card stud, Omaha hi/lo and Razz poker. He is also often seen playing in the $1000/$2000 no limit holdem tables. In last couple years Doyle has been also playing some televised cash game poker shows such as Highstakes Poker (airs at GSN).

Play Against Doyle Brunson

Back in the old days if you wished to challenged this legendary poker player you really had only two options, either sit into their massive highstakes cash game or do a buy into a tournament and hope you get seated in the same table with him. However now days thanks to the internet and online poker you can play against Doyle Brunson for much cheaper prize. Doyle Brunson plays online only at DoylesRoom where you can challenge him at cash games and also at a weekly $27.5 bounty tournament where you are even paid money if you manage to knock him out of the tournament.

Doyle Brunson and Online Poker

As many other live poker pros even Doyle Brunson has made his way into online poker. Doyle Brunson is the face of an online poker site called DoylesRoom. You can catch him playing there quite often, Doyle Brunson’s online poker nickname is TEX_DOLLY.