Brian 'tsarrast' Rast

When people are listing the best online poker players tsarrast is often forgot from many lists. However this obviously has more to do with his down to earth personality than his poker playing abilities. In this poker pro profile article we will reveal you about bit about the man behind the famous online poker nick.

Who is tsarrast?

One of the most common questions we hear from online poker spectators is who is tsarrast. The short answer is Brian Rast. As this probably doesn’t tell you a lot here is also a bit longer answer: Brian Rast is around 25 year old guy from Poway, California. He has been beating the online poker games for years. Already over 5 years ago he was playing the $5/$10 and $10/$20 no limit holdem games at the Prima Poker network.

tsarrast in online poker

As hinted above he isn’t new to online poker, in fact it is actually the opposite. Out of the players who these days play the high stakes poker games tsarrast has one of the longest histories in the online poker. He was a common sight in the Prima Poker network and PokerStars no limit games already years ago, and ever since that he has just been climbing to bigger and bigger games. Because these days most of the high stakes games are pot limit omaha he has also switched from the NL holdem to PLO. And now you can find him playing almost daily at the $200/$400, and even at the $300/$600 pot limit omaha tables at Full Tilt Poker. And it seems like he is enjoying good results in the games.

tsarrast in live poker

Brian Rast got his first bigger live tournament score in 2005 when he finished 79th in a $1,000 WSOP no limit holdem tournament. The 79th place made him bit over $3,000. In 2007 he managed to finish 3rd in a Fiver Star World Poker Classic tournament that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. For his third place he was rewarded with $100,000 which still today is his 2nd biggest live poker score. He got his biggest score during the 2009 WSOP when he finished 14th in the $40,000 no limit holdem tournament and took home around $130,000. As of today Brian Rast has won over $600,000 from live poker tournaments. He is also a familiar sight in the big live cash games in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.