Ben Grundy

Ben Grundy is a British professional poker player who lives in London, United Kingdom. He first got introduced to playing poker when his friends father, Mansour Matloubi won World Series of Poker ME in 1990, so Ben and his friends started playing poker for their pocket monies. When at 18 Ben was old enough to start playing in casinos he began playing small buy-in tournaments (He actually won his first live tournament!) and cash games from £0.5/£1 to £2/£5 at local casinos. Now days he is regular in the worlds biggest online poker omaha games.

Ben Grundy and Online Poker

Ben first started playing online poker in 2002 at Paradise Poker when he found their $2/$4 omaha games. At the time he used to work 50 hours a week so often when was playing online he was either drunk or just tired which obviously isint the receipt for good results. In 2003 he got a better job and could devote more time to playing online poker so he started making steady £2000-£5000/month. In 2005 he decided to give up his job to see if he could make it in the poker world. Since that he has grinded his way from $5/$10 pot limit omaha to $200/$400 pot limit omaha games and these days he spends most of his time playing $25/$50 and $50/$100 pot limit omaha headsup games. Ben Grundy’s best known online poker nick is milkybarkid which according to him has been his nickname ever since he as a kid auditioned for a milkybarkid role.

Below you can see Ben?s lifetime graph for $50/$100 online pot limit omaha, which shows that he has won more then $2.7million from $50/$100 plo:

Live poker

Ben Grundy?s first registered live tournament score came in 2004 when he was 9th in a £200 pot limit omaha tournament for £1344 payday. In 2005. shortly after leaving his job to play poker full time. Ben got his biggest live tournament score till this day, he was 7th in the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event which paid him 79,500?. In 2005 he also got first bigger live tournament 1st place when he won a £250 pot limit omaha tournament for £13,680. In 2006 Milkybarkid was for a 2nd time in a European Poker Tour final table when he again did good in the Monte Carlo event and this time won 58,000? for 9th place finish. In 2007 he was 4th in William Hill Poker Grand Prix II, Cardiff which paid £50,000 and also finished twice in the money in European Poker Tour events. In 2008 Ben got his first WSOP cash finish when he was 45th in £1500 E-WSOP event for £3075. As of total in November 2008 his live tournament winnings are more then $500,000.

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