Ashton 'theASHMAN103' Griffin

If you are a fan of High-Stakes online poker then you might me familiar with the alias, theASHMAN103, but not many people know the story behind the Full Tilt Poker username.

At just twenty years old Ashton Griffin has battled his way to the highest stakes in online poker, and lost it all leaving him broke and having to grind his way back up, over and over again. If this happened just once to the average 20 year old poker player they could very well sink into depression and be down in the dumps, but not Griffin. He overcame the turmoil of losing his bankroll and came back determined to compete against the best players in the world, all before he is even legally allowed to drink.

For Griffin poker began just as fun, playing a 5 cent/10 cent game against his Mother and Sister. It wasn’t until he started playing against friend that he began taking poker seriously, wanting to beat his friends and be the best. He then began playing online and soon dominated $60 SNG’s multi-tabling them. Despite having such success, Griffin was forced to stick to his studies and never had enough time to take poker as seriously as he wanted. He even announced to his Dad that he was going to be a millionaire from playing poker.

However, Griffin has always suffered from poor bankroll management, and he self admits being troubled by tilt. This all came to a head when he finished high school and went on a huge downswing losing all the money he had won playing online, leaving him with only $200. He soon realised he needed to get more money to build up his bankroll, so he took a landscaping job. However, like any aspiring poker player, working hard all day wasn’t what he wanted from life and he soon quit the job to grind out victories online.

In just a year he had won enough money to play $25/$50 full time and had grown his bankroll to over $1million, quite an achievement from going broke and only having $200 12 months prior.

This success would yet again be foiled by his poor bankroll management skills and his persistence to go on tilt. In August 2008, Griffin won $1.2 million playing online at Full Tilt, losing almost all of it the very next week! His losses were to some of the best players in the world, Full Tilt regulars – Phil Ivey, David Benyamine and one of the infamous ‘Dang’ brothers, ‘trex313’.

Once again Griffin was left almost broke, but he managed to win $600,000 in the following four months. And yes, you guessed it he yet again managed to lose it all! This downfall was possibly the worst he had suffered though, more embarrassing than anything. His downswing came during a prop bet with a group at the 2+2 forums, the bet being that Griffin wouldn’t play stakes any higher than $25/$50 until he made $500k in just one year. In February 2008, he dramatically lost the prop bet by losing $400,000 in just one night!

So now he was once again broke, and even took on the same prop bet the very next day. This time Griffin sought players to stake him, and he eventually ground his way up to an $8,000 bankroll. He began playing $1/$2 and quickly dominated, winning more than $600k at $25/$50 levels the very next month. This surpassed the $500k prop bet which was made earning him another $23k for the win. With the winnings from the prop bet he entered the $25k Heads-Up Tournament on Full Tilt, and won! He won $551,250 for the victory and had all the high stake followers wondering if this was now the return of theASHMAN10’.

He doesn’t play as regular as players such as Tom Dwan or Phil Ivey, but every few weeks/months, ‘theASHMAN103’ pops up taking shot’s against the best poker players in the world at the highest stakes. Only time will tell if he is back for good, or whether he is going to go broke yet again.