Worst Poker Sites

Normally when you are checking out online poker information sites they only list the best poker rooms (just as we have done here on Euro Poker Pro.com) and on the actual poker rooms homepage each room claims that it is the absolutely best poker room.

We though it would be useful for people that we also list the worst poker rooms, and the rooms that you might want to stay away from. The list is obviously very subjective and based on our personal experiences and on what we have heard (hopefully this keeps us from being sued).’


1) Ultimatebet

For this site being number one on this list there is one very simple reason: the cheating scandal. From 2005 to 2007 the site had so called house players who could see every other player’s cards. And when you see the cards of your opponents even the biggest idiots (the type that would cheat) can’t lose. According to the estimates these house players won at least $20million from the regular players. The actual cheating itself is already a really bad thing, but to make the matters worse they also did everything they could to hide the cheating. And even after the cat was out of the bag they still defended the guilty people and did everything to help them so that they wouldn’t get in any trouble.

2) Stryyke Poker

This is a poker room that hasn’t even been around that long and still it has managed to piss of almost everyone. The room has had major problems with being out the winnings, in fact to a point where they were kicked out of the ongame network. Also the site is accused of having a terrible customer service and backing out of contracts.

New sites will be added on this list whenever we see it necessary

Recommended Poker Sites