Best Poker Sites with Rake Races

Online Poker Site with the Best Rake Races

We believe that the absolute best online poker rake race promotions can be found at NoiQpoker. Not only do their races have some of the biggest prize pools, but more importantly the fields in these races tend to be much softer. In other words small stakes and casual poker players have much better chance at winning serious money from these races. On average you can compete for 150,000€+ per month in the NoiQpoker rake races, and on top of this you will also get to compete in special rake races if you signup through our site. Needless to say that these races offer stunning extra value. Naturally you will also get 30-45% rakeback deal and best possible deposit and reload bonuses when you register through EPP.

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Succeed in a Rake Race with These Tips

In an effort to help Euro Poker Pro members have more success in the popular internet poker rake races we decided to write down a few tips.

However as we are sure lot of people reading this article are not yet familiar with rake races lets start with the basics.

What are rake races? Rake races are the latest trend taking over the poker world like a storm. Rake races are new way to reward active online poker players. The goal in a rake race is a rather simple one. Simply “rake” as much as you can. You are always paying the rake when you play online poker for real money. So in other words you could simply say that the goal is to play as much real money online poker as you can.

In a typical rake race an online poker site sets up a prize pool and decides how the prizes money are divided between the players competing in the rake race. Almost always the rake races an online poker sites run are open for all the players who play at that site. For an example NoiQ rake races are always open for all the NoiQ poker players. So in race like this you are competing against all the NoiQ players.

However on top of these there are also exclusive rake races. These are open for a selected group of people. An example of this would be a rake race open only for the Euro Poker Pro players. That is players who have opened their NoiQ account the sign up code EuroPokerPro.

Almost always the prizes in rake races are simply money. The money you win from rake races comes with no strings attached. So what you win from the race you get to keep. And if you wish you can just cashout the winnings immediately without playing any more poker with the winnings.

Rake race prize pools are often very top heavy. Meaning that majority of the money is shared among the top 10 players raking the most. However sometimes you can also find races with flatter payout structures.

Which sites run rake races? For an example NoiQ has at least one big rake race every single month.

Best rake race tips:

1) Don’t play too big games. You might think that the players playing $25/$50 no limit have a big advantage over you in a rake races. However almost regardless of what you play this is not true. Often the big games play very tight, i.e there is very few flops. And when there is no flop there can’t be rake. And when there is no rake they don’t collect anything for the rake races. Actually you are often generating more rake playing $1/$2 no limit games than you would if you play $25/$50. The other important reason behind not playing too big game is also pretty simple: You need to protect your bankroll. If you go broke it is hard to have success in the race.

2) Play as many poker tables as possible. That is without losing your edge. If you are playing only one table at a time you are giving an edge too the players who keep playing 4, or even 12 tables at once. Because what counts is the number of table hours and not the hours you sit in front of poker table. In other words 1 hour of playing 12 tables equals 12 hours of playing 1 table. However just as with the first tip it is important to protect your poker bankroll, so don’t play so many tables that you just spewing away money.

Though sometimes a situation comes in a rake race where it is a good idea to play more tables even if it means you will most likely lose your edge. An example of such a situation would be that you are in the 2nd place in a race before the last day and know that if you just play lot of tables you can catch the leader. Often the difference in the prize money means that catching the leader is profitable even if you lose money in the poker table.

3) Make sure you get money from other promotions on top of rake races. Rake races are a great way to make money. However if you are not getting any other promotional money from the online poker site during a race you are missing out. These days majority of the online poker sites offers also VIP deals and rakeback deals. And if not those they offer at least sign up bonuses.

A simple example shows you how important it is to get also other promotional money than just the race winnings: Lets you are play 0.5/1 no limit holdem. On average you earn $5 per 100 hands. Thus it takes you around 2000 hands to earn one $100 buyin. If you are competing in a rake race and manage to rake $5,000 during the competition which gives you $1,500 you have in other words earned 30,000 hands worth winnings. (2000 hands for $100.) However if you are also getting rakeback on top of these rake race winnings its saves you lot of time. A normal rakeback deal such as 30% NoiQ poker rakeback will return you an additional $1,500 when you have rake $5,000. So now you are getting $3,000 for your efforts instead of $1,500.

And what is maybe even more important with the rakeback moneys you can try to move up in stakes soon, or take shots at bigger games.

In a nutshell always make sure you are getting something extra on top of the race winnings. When you register your account through Euro Poker Pro you can be sure you always get the best possible VIP / Rakeback deal available at the site in question.

We wish you the best of luck in all your future rake races!

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