Online Poker Addiction Signs and Tips for Quitting

Poker is a great hobby, make no mistake about it. Unfortunately certain people have so called addictive personality which leads to loads of problems when mixed with poker and especially with poker. Usually the people who get in trouble with poker addiction already were addicted to some other game and unfortunately quite often if they are able to quit poker they will end up being addicted to some other game and making the same mistakes. However I wish that this article helps at least one person who is battling with gambling addiction to quit poker and other gambling problems. I want to make sure to mention that the signs and tips announced here are not in any way the only signs that might point to you have a poker addiction problems and the only tips you can use for getting away from poker, but they should be a decent starting point.

Some online poker addiction signs:

1) Do you feel that you are addicted to poker? This is the first and most important point on this list. If you yourself feel that you are addicted to poker and keep losing it is most likely time to quit the game and find something else to do.

2) Do you lose more money than you are supposed? 95% of the poker players lose, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are enjoying playing and the amount you lose doesn’t effect your every-day-life negatively. However if you catch yourself depositing more than you should and losing more money than you should, your poker has gotten out of the hand.

3) Spending too much time dreaming and thinking about. If your thoughts are occupied almost exclusive with poker and playing poker you are most likely addicted and should quit before it is too late.

Tips for quitting online poker:

1) Uninstall softwares, close your accounts, and tell the poker rooms to ban you. The fact is that huge majority of the addicts will fall again (btw it is important not to be too harsh on yourself if that happens) the best way to prevent playing again is to simply remove the ways to play.

2) Write to gambling addictions forums. There are countless gambling addiction forums on the other internet (simply do a quick google research to find them) it is most likely helpful to share your experiences with other people who are battling with online poker addiction or might have already beaten it.

3) Ignore everything related to poker. Stop visiting the forums, stop watching poker on TV, stop buying poker magazines. Simply start ignoring everything related to poker, especially the rags to riches stories tend to be extremely harmful for gambling addicts as they tend to think that if they could only win X amount of money everything in their life would be perfect.