How to Behave at a Poker Table

Even though poker is a competitive game, it’s important that all players at the table act with civility. There are unspoken rules of etiquette that both aspiring and current pokers players should learn before they hit the tables. Being well mannered will make the game more enjoyable for everyone and will help you avoid looking like a jerk. Below, are a few of these unspoken rules. After reading them you should know at least something about how to behave at a poker table.

Be Patient But Not Slow: One of the most important poker etiquette rules is being patient. Never attempt to rush another player with your words or attempt to intimidate them into hurrying up and playing by staring them down. You will only look foolish. While it is important to be patient, don’t play too slowly or you will frustrate the other players.

Keep Your Hands Off Of The Chips: After you have won a game, don’t be quick to pocket the chips or take them off of the table. If the game is ongoing, resist the urge to grab your chips right away. They aren’t going anywhere.

Avoid Throwing Your Chips: It is important that you avoid what is known as ‘splashing the pot’. This is where you throw your chips in the pot. Other players will find this annoying and rude. It also makes it hard for the other players to figure out your wager. Instead of doing this, stack your chips neatly when you do make your bets.

No Verbal Assaults: It is never a good idea to talk trash at the poker table. If you are playing with dividers that you are familiar with or the vibe at the table is pretty laid-back, a little friendly ribbing isn’t a bad thing if it’s in good humor and taste. However, never seriously threaten anyone or get into trading insults.

Show Your Hand Quickly: Whether you win or are forced to fold, don’t slowly reveal your hand.

Never Cheat: Never attempt to collude or work with other players to cheat the casino and don’t try to do on your own either. You will pay for it in a big way. You may find that you are barred from every other casino in town. Not only is it embarrassing but you won’t be able to play. This is true online as well. If you are caught cheating you will have your account shut down and will likely forfeit any winnings already in your account.

Pay Attention: If the other players in the game have to constantly remind you when it is your turn to play, they will quickly get upset and annoyed with you. Concentrate on the game. This means no cell phones and texting, unless of course there is an emergency.

Just as there is proper etiquette in a land based casino, the same holds true online. If you are chatting during the game, again don’t be verbally abusive or combative. Make sure that you pay attention so that you do not slow down the game. If you find that you have to leave your computer, make sure that you sit out (used that particular feature) so that the other players can continue in your absence.