Best Possible Rakeback Deal

Euro Poker Pro is now able to offer 30% flat rakeback deal (=best possible rakeback deal for NoiQ) for NoiQ poker room.
The rakeback is paid weekly to your NoiQ account and no deductions are made out of it, thus bonuses, rake race winnings and so on come on top of your rakeback payment and in reality you will most likely end up enjoying more than 50% rakeback deal.

Sign up instructions for the NoiQ rakeback deal:

1: Go to NoiQ through this link (or any other link on Get NoiQ rakeback.
2: Open your account at NoIQ Poker
3: Deposit money and start playing poker for real money.

If you want to make sure you are properly tracked contact their customer service at support “at” and ask if you are tracked under EuroPokerPro.

4 Reasons to signup for the NoiQ rakeback deal through EuroPokerPro:

1: Easy, free money.
2: The best possible rakeback deal for
3: Completely legal deal and 100% accepted deal by NoiQ.
4: Sometimes exclusive promotions for EuroPokerPro users