See Which Site has the Best Online Poker Games

Online Poker Games Rated

If you are serious about trying to make money from online poker you should most of the time look for games which have worse players then you are (sometimes its OK to play tough games to improve your game). However there is so many poker sites these days that its hard to know where you can find the softest games online. We though it would be helpful for our readers to share our thought about which networks have the best games. We have played both holdem (no limit and fixed limit) and pot limit omaha at all the sites in question, the stakes ranged from small stakes to mid-high stakes so we should have a pretty good general view on what are the softest poker sites.

For the sake of rating we only look at how beatable the games and not at other factors, however you can find more information about the games from below the rating.

Entraction 8/10

Entraction is in our opinion the best cash game poker site at the moment. This is mostly due to the big amount of players from Israel and Italy who appear to be new to the game or play just for fun.

Entraction game quality pros: Soft games around the clock. You can find good games from both no limit holdem and pot limit omaha. Also one nice thing is that there is usually good games on every level starting from just 0.01/0.02? and running up to 10/20?. Also the network appears to have lower amount of bumhunters then the previous two sites.

Entraction game quality cons: Not ton of games. Especially at the highstakes the action can be quite slow most of the day. Also there is usually very little mid-high stakes fixed limit holdem as almost all the action is in no limit holdem, pot limit omaha and in some less known games such as Telesina and Americana.

Who should play at Entraction: If you are serious about making money from online poker you should have Entraction network in your arsenal. Also the serious players should be happy to know that some of the Entraction sites run lot of promotion such as big signup bonuses, rake races and offer rakeback.

Which Entraction site to choose: We recommend The reasons are pretty simply, 100% Deposit Bonus up to €1000, a secure name in the poker industry, nice support and easy money transfers.

iPoker 6.5/10

iPoker is the biggest network that mostly focuses on the European poker market.

iPoker game quality pros: Lot of no limit holdem action. If your game of choice is 6max no limit holdem you shouldn’t have a problem at finding a game at the iPoker network at any time of the day. Also the 6max pot limit omaha action is pretty good at iPoker

iPoker game quality cons: Lot of tight players who are clearing bonuses and trying to succeed in races. Also high amount of bumhunters.

Who should play at iPoker: If you play ton of poker iPoker might be the correct site for you due to their bonuses, races and vip systems.

Which iPoker site to choose: We recommend BetFred players get a VIP deal, 100% up to $2000 first deposit bonus and get to compete in the big poker tournaments.

PokerStars 5.5/10

As PokerStars is the world biggest online poker site you might expect to find the best games from there. However we actually feel like PokerStars has almost the worst games of any sites we have played at.

Pokerstars game quality pros: Lot of games to choose from. You can find a game running around the clock from almost every level. This is especially good if you feel like playing at the times when the action is slow.

Pokerstars game quality cons: The games at Pokerstars are filled with tough players. Already starting from small stakes such as $0.25/$0.5 the games are full of players who either play for living or have the skills of players who play for living. And if there is a game with even one really weak player you can be sure that the waiting list is immediately filled with players wanting to take his money. In general the pot limit omaha games are bit better, however this is mostly due to some players playing overly tight. So if you like to run over the tables you might try out the pokerstars pot limit omaha tables. However be careful not to spew your stacks to the nits when they actually have the good hand.

Who should play at Pokerstars: If you don’t care about tough games and just want to have a game at any level at any time, PokerStars is a good site for you.