Advantages of Playing Poker in Euros

As an European online poker player you might be wondering where you could find a poker site where you can play with euro as the currency, well there is several ones. Out of the EuroPokerPro partner sites BetOnBet might be the best one that uses Euro as the currency.

In this poker article we take a look at what are some of the advantages in playing online poker with euros instead of dollars for European poker players.

1) Playing better

When you are playing with dollars you might lose the sense of how much you are playing with and in exchange this might lead to some bad calls that you might not make otherwise. When you understand the value of the money you are playing with you are trying harder to play your best poker game and this should lead to better results, just make sure you don’t become scared money so that people wont start bluffing you all the time.

2) Easier to track your bankroll

This is loosely related to the point number one, as when you are playing poker in euro tables you will remember the value of the money. For example if you are playing in live casino games where the game plays as euro as the currency and you book a 100? win, then you come home and think that you will play online poker tonight only with the 100?, however if you can find only dollar tables it might be harder to keep track of how much you can afford to play with. Also when all your games happen in the same currency it is easier to compare the games and make sure you are not playing too big tables.

3) Funnier

This is simply my personal preference, I find it more enjoyable and exciting to play with euro as I can instantly see what I could buy from the store with the moneys I just won.