Is Online Poker Rigged

It is a well known fact that large amounts of money often attract shady people who are looking to get their cut of the money by using illegal and scummy methods. Online poker is no different. Throughiyt the history of online poker several companies have disappeared with the players moneys and there has been bot, cheating and superuser scandal. However, interestingly enough the only type of scandal that is missing is the one that many poker players think would have been the most likely to happen. I’m obviously talking about finding proof that an online poker site is rigged. In this article we will look at the reasons why it would make sense to create a rigged online poker site and also in the reasons why we feel that at least none of the major online poker sites are rigged.

Rigged definition: The site has adjusted the card dealing software so that the deals are not random.

Reasons why online poker might be rigged:

The longer the person plays the more money the site makes.

Online poker sites get their revenue from the rake and poker tournament fees that all the real money players pay. The bad players tend to lose quite fast their moneys and thus the site gets much less rake from him than they get from the winning regulars who play day in an day out. To give you an extremely example: A player deposits $100 to his poker account, sits down to $0.5/$1 no limit with his whole deposit and goes allin before the flop the first hand. If he doesn’t get called he will win $1.5 and because the hand didn’t go pas preflop the site doesn’t get rake. If he gets called he will most likely lose his moneys.

The maximum rake that poker sites tend to take from that type of pots is $3. So if he is called by 1 player, loses the pot and the site takes $3 of the pot they only got $1.5 in rake income even though the person deposited $100. And because the payment processors take transfer fees from the poker site the poker site actually most likely lost money on this person who deposited $100 and lost it in the first hand. Thus it would make perfect sense for the site to alter the random number generator in a way that allows the players to first hit an unpswing and boost his bankroll so that he gets to pay more rake.

Now you might say the money he wins is away from other players, yes that is true, however if he gets the winnings from the regular players who have a $10,000 bankroll and play $0.5/$1 it doesn’t hurt the poker room’s income as the regular players will still keep playing $0.5/$1 no limit and paying rake if they lose some of their bankroll.

Other way to look at this is that if the player had deposited his $100 to a casino and lost it all in the first hand he played blackjack the casino would have gotten the whole $100 in profit (- transaction fees)

Getting new poker players addicted:

Consider a person that sees a poker site advert on TV and thinks that it would be cool to try luck in the trendy game. The player then proceeds to deposit $50 to the poker site. If he loses the moneys within 10 minutes it is quite likely that he will just think that poker is stupid and never play again. However if he goes on a heater and takes his $50 deposit to a bigger amount he is quite likely to get addicted and play lot more in the future.

This is even if he eventually loses the $50, if he for an example got that $50 first up to $200 and managed to play without going broke for a couple days he is much more likely to think that he is actually good in poker (which obviously is most likely not true) and think that he just got unlucky when he finally lost the initial deposit and make a new deposit.

THE Reason why the big poker sites most likely are not rigged:

They make loads of money even without being rigged. The big online poker sites (such as PokerStars, FullTiltPoker, PartyPoker, UltimateBet, EverestPoker) are worth hundreds of millions, maybe even billions, and generate extremely good steady revenue stream. If you don’t believe me simply check out GigaMedia from the stock exchange they operate the EverestPoker online poker room and currently valued at $250million in the stock market – and PokerStars is more than 10 times bigger than they are. The poker rooms obviously don’t want to do anything that might lead to losing this revenue stream. One thing that would surely lead to losing majority of it is that if their poker players suddenly became convinced that the online poker room in question is rigged.

Also all the big poker sites undergo frequent audits and inspections, if the auditors were to find something suspicious from the random number generator the poker sites could lose their poker license and thus would have to shut down their online poker room.