LuckyAce Casino Review

Rating: 8.5
LuckyAce Casino Review
100% up to $200 Sign Up Bonus

LuckyAceCasino is a relative new comer to the world of online gambling and newcomers suffer most from the usual “it’s all the same” stigma. Potential players see an advertisement somewhere and assume that LuckyAce is probably the same as their current online casino and they move on. Unfortunately for those players, they’re missing out on a real gem.

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  • Great casino running the┬áRandom Logic software.
  • Part of the 888 Network and established since 2007.
  • Great deposit bonus of $200.
  • Loads of VIP promotions and weekly giveaways.

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Lucky Ace Casino Review

About LuckyAceCasino:

Online casinos are like snowflakes. If you give them a cursory glance they all look the same, but once you look closer you can see that they're very different from one another. Online gaming connoisseurs know that while online casinos may look similar, they are by no means identical. These casinos differ in their layout and customer support as well as the odds they lay and the amount they allow you to wager.

Though LuckyAce is new, they're backed by a behemoth of an online gambling network the 888 network. The 888 network is an industry leader in the world of online wagering. In fact, 888 was honored with a number of prestigious awards in 2007 including Top Casino from Gambling Online Magazine, Best Betting and Gaming Company from Leisure Reports and Casino of the Year from Egaming. LuckyAceCasino's partnership with 888 offers several significant advantages over other online casino start-ups.

First Deposit Bonus:

Lucky Ace Casino also offers a generous bonus for first time depositors. You can get 100% on your money up to $200. The great thing about casino bonuses that good is that they effectively improve your odds since you are earning more money on your wins then you're betting (because you're clearing the bonus). That extra money gives you a little more cushion and a better chance of lasting long enough to go on a hot streak and cash out a winner. Depending on the game you like to play (and how much you like to bet), this bonus can be extremely easy to clear.

Casino Software:

Perhaps the most important benefit of Lucky Ace Casino's partnership is enhanced security. LuckyAceCasino uses a state-of-the-art MD5 RNG (basically a really cool random number generator) to make sure that their games are random and fair. In addition, they're periodically audited by an independent third party to verify that their games are truly random. Some new casinos may carry the stigma of potentially biased games, but not Lucky Ace.

Another benefit of LuckyAceCasino's partnership with the 888 network is their software. The LuckyAceCasino software package is clean, easy to use and well organized. You can get to any game they offer in about two clicks. And Lucky Ace has a lot of games.

Personally, I'm a big fan of table games. Those of you who are with me will be happy to hear the LuckyAceCasino has all the classics. You can choose from Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps among others. You also have a wide range of betting limits available to you. For example, you can bet anywhere from $1 to $2000 on Blackjack.

The limit spreads are also generous. Baccarat, for example, has a low limit table that allows you to bet anywhere from $1 to $300. That limit is three times larger than I've seen at most other casinos. Here's why that limit spread is advantageous:

I like to use the Martingale betting system. When you play using the Martingale system you place a minimum bet and double that bet every time you lose. If your table limit is $100, it takes a 9 hand streak to cause you to lose. But if your table limit is $30, you get one extra try. It might not seem like much, but 10 hand streaks are a lot rarer than 9 hand streaks.

In addition to having a good spread of table limits, Lucky Ace Casino also offers several variations of popular games. For example, you can choose from three different variations of Blackjack. It's a nice feature to have when you start getting bored with the same old games.

Another feature at LuckyAceCasino that I really like is their multi-player tables. Are you bored playing Roulette or Blackjack all by yourself? Then join one of the community tables and play with other players. You get all the fun of a brick and mortar casino with the friendly banter as well. It's as close as online casinos can get to the Las Vegas experience.

Are you more interested in slot machines? Then choose from any one of Lucky Ace Casino's 16 different classic slot machines including some of the best progressive jackpots you'll see anywhere on the web. Several of their progressive slot machines routinely climb to over $10,000 and one makes it as high as $2 million!

There are plenty of video slots at LuckyAceCasino too. If I'm going to play a slot machine, I usually gravitate to the video slot machines because they're much more interactive than their traditional counterparts.

Customer Service:

In addition to having great games, LuckyAceCasino also has a great customer service department. Customer service is one area that most online casinos skimp on because most players don't think about it. In fact, no one really thinks about customer service until there's a problem. Then they want to talk to someone and fast! Fortunately you can contact Lucky Ace Casino's customer service department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you're in England, Spain, France, Italy or Germany; you can call a toll free number to connect with a customer service representative immediately. The Lucky Ace Casino site also lists numbers that other nations can call.

Would you rather handle your issue online? Have no fear. Lucky Ace Casino offers customer service via email or live chat too. It's rare to see customer service this good in a new online casino.

Deposit Methods:

Depositing at Lucky Ace Casino is easy too. They accept major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, debit cards, wire transfer; E-wallets like ClickandBuy, Moneybookers, and NETELLER as well as prepaid cards like Ukash. And the folks at Lucky Ace make withdrawing your money just as easy as depositing it.


It's rare to find an online casino that offers great bonuses as well as solid customer service and security. The online casinos with the best bonuses tend to be the newcomers who are trying to attract lots of customers. But these new casinos tend to lack the capital required for developing a great program or employing a competent team of customer service representatives. Lucky Ace Casino is able to do both because of their partnership with the online gaming powerhouse that is 888.

Most players would glance at Lucky Ace Casino and see just another snowflake in the blizzard, but those who take the time to look closer will see that this snowflake is very special. It's not often that you get the opportunity to get a great bonus from an online casino with as many goodies as Lucky Ace Casino offers. Whether you glanced over Lucky Ace once or you're hearing about it for the first time now, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It's the best online casino that you've never heard of.