Live Poker and casinos in Switzerland

People in Switzerland don’t ski down the slopes all the time. On the contrary, they play poker, and they’re loving every minute of it. Poker is considered as a game of skill in the country and rightly so.

The poker industry in the country is booming, especially in certain parts of Switzerland. This is why you will find that the professional poker world has a couple of Swiss players listed among the best in the world.

True, there are laws that casino operators and players alike have to adhere to before they can start enjoying their poker games, but these are still quite doable than those that are in place in other countries, particularly the US.

Casinos in Switzerland

If you’re in Europe and you find yourself traveling to Switzerland, you will be glad to know that Switzerland has the most number of casinos compared to other countries in Europe.

One of the things you should remember though when you’re planning on visiting any of the Swiss casinos is that you have to have the proper Identification Card as this is a requirement before you can gain entry to the casinos.

The M√∂venpick Hotel and Casino Geneva is the perfect poker destination if you’re just alighting from your plane and you want to start relaxing and unwinding right away since it is located close to the airport. The casino here has most of your favorite gambling games, including poker. There is also a special room for important guests and a bar.

The Grand Casino Baden in Zurich is also a favorite among the locals and tourists. If it’s poker that you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place as Baden regards herself as the Poker Capital of Switzerland.

Popular Poker Players from Switzerland

When you talk about famous Swiss poker players, Chris Bigler is the first name that comes to mind. He is considered as the most famous poker player from Switzerland among his fellow players from the country. He may be based in the US, but he was born, raised and retired from his professional work career in his native country. He has brought home some one million dollars in winnings since he started playing professionally.

Rino Mathis is also one Swiss player who has made a name for himself in the professional poker circuit. He’s brought home hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes from his professional playing. He has been playing poker for about 16 years now, and he has no immediate plans to quit the poker circuit any time soon.